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Cyber Insurance

Our cyber policy has been designed to offer Australian SME businesses coverage against both cyber attacks and also to cover their legal, media, data and network security liability and business interruption costs.

Our wording is short and written in a simple language.

Our unique online user friendly portal can provide you with a quote, bind and obtain a certificate of currency.

Types of coverage

atc icon business interuption loss
Business Interruption Loss
atc icon remediation costs
Remediation Costs
atc icon cyber liability
Cyber Liability
atc icon pci fines
PCI Fines

Risk appetite

  • Builders, Tradies and Plant Operators

  • Sports, Health and Leisure Industry

  • Accommodation, Entertainment and Retail

  • Financial Services, Real Estate and Education

At ATC, we understand that every risk is different.

Our specialist underwriters have extensive experience in cyber insurance programs throughout Australia.


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