Sports Injury & Liability

Sports Injury & Liability - ATC

ATC Sports insurance programs are developed and tailored to meet the needs of both amateur and professional sports people; plus liability requirements for sporting associations and events.

Our programs include:

  • general liability and professional indemnity cover for sporting clubs, groups, associations and individuals
  • general liability and professional indemnity cover for events including sports carnivals, fundraising and community events, obstacle courses, music festivals and more
  • personal accident cover for amateur clubs and regional, state or national associations/federations
  • accidental death, permanent and total disablement (career ending injury) and temporary disablement covers for professional athletes

Sports and Events Liability
ATC's sports and events liability policies cover the following types of risks:
  • various sports including soccer, cricket, netball, basketball, tennis, martial arts and more
  • club, regional, state and national sporting associations or federations
  • water sports and swim centres
  • fitness industry participants and venues including instructors, personal trainers, indoor sports centres and gyms
  • sports grounds, stadiums and licensed sports venues
  • various events including but not limited to carnivals, fundraising and community events, fun runs and music festivals

Our sports and events liability policy types and options include:
  • public and products liability
  • professional indemnity
  • sexual misconduct defence costs
  • excess layer liability
  • care, custody and control
  • participant to participant cover
  • United States/Canada exposure

Amateur and Professional Sports Injury
ATC amateur and professional sports policy benefits can include:
Lump sum death and injury benefits
  • accidental death
  • temporary or permanent disablement (partial and total)
  • impairment and serious trauma (capital benefits) including disfigurement

Broader coverage and additional benefits
  • medical expenses (non-Medicare) such as hospital and theatre costs, physiotherapy, splints, masseuse
  • coma, severe weather exposure, disappearance benefits
  • ambulance transport
  • rehabilitation and retraining expenses
  • home modification and relocation, domestic duties expenses
  • membership fees, personal property cover
  • student allowance and parental inconvenience benefit

Loss of income
  • weekly income benefits for accidental injury resulting in temporary disablement
  • up to 100% of income until disablement ceases
  • varied waiting and benefit periods will be considered