Protect Case Study 1

Protect Case Study 1 - ATC

Protect is Australia's leading industry severance scheme with more than 24,000 members nationwide. ATC Insurance Solutions underwrites Protect's group accident and sickness cover.

Read how ATC's dedicated and experienced claims management service has helped Protect members.

Income protection and injury lump sum benefit claim
Joshua was in a car accident. He was thrown from the vehicle through a back-passenger window, breaking his nose, cheekbone and three bones in his neck. For the next six months he wore a halo brace, with bolts screwed to his skull to allow his broken neck to mend.

While he was unable to work, the State transport accident scheme paid Joshua a disability allowance equivalent to 80 per cent* of his average weekly income. Protect topped-up those payments to 100 per cent of the gross rate of his pre-accident earnings.

"Protect was absolutely brilliant. I got a call from the insurer – they asked how I was, asked a few other questions, and said they would get back to me. Within days I got a call to say my claim had been approved and processed."

Unlike some other group accident and sickness insurance schemes, Protect covers members injured in any transport accident outside of work – not just accidents that occur travelling to and from work.

Joshua returned to work part-time after 11 months. He received Protect top-up pay until he was back at work full-time – nearly 14 months after the accident. After his income protection claim was complete, he received a Protect broken bones lump sum benefit.