Important Claim Conditions

Important Claim Conditions - ATC

What you should do
  • Tell us as soon as possible if you suffer loss or damage, or receive a claim from a third party. Complete a claim form if we have asked you to.
  • Advise us immediately if you become aware of something that might result in a claim being made against you in the future.
  • Take all reasonable steps to recover lost or stolen property and take all reasonable precautions to prevent further loss or liability occurring.
  • Immediately inform the police of any actual or attempted theft or deliberate damage to your property.
  • Provide ATC (and any loss assessors or solicitors that we appoint) with your full assistance to investigate and/or defend the claim.

What you should NOT do
  • Do not dispose of any damaged property or arrange for its repair or replacement without first obtaining our consent. We must be able to assess the damage before we settle your claim.
  • If a claim is made against you by a third party you must not admit liability, pay (or offer to pay) any money, settle (or try to settle) the claim or incur any expense without our prior written agreement.

Loss or damage to your property
If you suffer loss or damage involving your property you will need to complete our General Claim Form.

Send the form to us with any other documents we ask for in order to assess your claim. This includes: quotations for the repair or replacement of lost, stolen or damaged property.

Claims made against you for compensation
If a third party makes a claim against you alleging that you injured them or damaged their property, you should advise us immediately.

Complete our Public Liability Claim Form and return to us along with a copy of any correspondence you have received from them.

In the meantime, please do not respond to the third party (or their solicitors) without our consent.